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Table 2 Logistic regression analysesb of characteristics of women wanting to delay first childbirth ≥2 years

From: Desire to delay the first childbirth among young, married women in India: a cross-sectional study based on national survey data

 Unadjusted Odd RatiosAdjusted Odd Ratios
Age group
 20–24 (ref)1.00 1.00 
Place of residence
 Urban (ref)1.00 1.00 
 Hindu (ref)1.00 1.00 
 SC/ST (ref)1.00 1.00 
Education level
 No education (ref)1.00 1.00 
Wealth index
 Poorest (ref)1.00 1.00 
Media exposure to family planning
 No (ref)1.00 1.00 
Age at marriage
 0–17 (ref)1.00 1.00 
Husband’s education level
 No education (ref)1.00 1.00 
Age of husband0.910.88–0.930.750.66–0.84
Age difference0.950.92–0.981.251.10–1.40
Physical IPVa
 Yes (ref)1.00 1.00 
Sexual IPVa
 Yes (ref)1.00 1.00 
Emotional IPVa
 Yes (ref)1.00 1.00 
Controlling behavioura
 Yes (ref)1.00 1.00 
  1. aData on intimate partner violence (IPV) were only collected from 1651 women out of the total sample, thus our model only included data from these women
  2. bUnadjusted and adjusted odds ratios with their 95%CIs adjusted for sociodemographic characteristics, partner characteristics and exposure to intimate partner violence