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Table 3 Crude and adjusted factors associated with norovirus infection among food handlers in Kibera informal settlement 2017

From: Norovirus infections and knowledge, attitudes and practices in food safety among food handlers in an informal urban settlement, Kenya 2017

Respondent symptom
 Neither Diarrhea/Vomit27210RefRef
 Only Diarrhea4103.1111.951.7084.09
 Only Vomit235.1913.210.63275.12
 Both Diarrhea/Vomit10174.585.691.1827.36
Participants’ knowledge that dirty chopping board can contaminate food
 Don’t Know9710.0141.722.51694.07
Participant knowledge that aerosols can contaminate cooked food
 Don’t Know888.401.310.0821.95
Observed Hand washing services availability at the point of sale
 Not available26555.0017.513.1298.27
Food handler observed touching ready to eat food bare handed
  1. *Ref Reference