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Table 1 Interviews conducted during each wave

From: Evaluation of the effectiveness of a quality improvement intervention to support integration of maternal, child and HIV care in primary health care facilities in South Africa

  Wave 1 (Baseline)Wave 2Wave 3Wave 4Wave 5 (Endpoint)
Data Collection Dec 2015-Jan 2016Mar-Apr 2016June–July 2016Sept-Oct 2016Dec 2016-Feb 2017
Intervention Period  Jan- Mar 2016Apr-June 2016July-Sept 2016Oct 2016-Jan 2017
Sub-district 110108106*103*107*104*
Sub-district 26636658*62*63*
Sub-district 3674646762*62*
Sub-district 456052535555*
  1. * Number of interveiws post QI intervention