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Table 3 Binary logistic regression analysis of dengue-preventive behaviors affecting the presence of Aedes immature production

From: Impact of dengue-preventive behaviors on Aedes immature production in Bang Kachao, Samut Prakan Province, Thailand: a cross-sectional study

VariablesOdds Ratios95% Confidence IntervalP value
Container for drinking water (n = 105)
 - No lid4.002.94–5.26<0.001*
 - Covered with effective lid (reference)1.00  
Container for used water covered by lid (n = 208)
 - No lid or temephos3.452.63–4.35<0.001*
 - Added temephos1.481.28–1.59<0.001*
 - Had effective lid (Reference)1.00  
 - Had effective lid and added temephos1.691.61–1.75<0.001*
Changed water or added temephos in vase (n = 116)
 - No1.851.69–2.00<0.001*
 - Yes (reference)1.00  
Changed water in pet water bowl (n = 103)
 - No1.091.02–1.170.015*
 - Yes (reference)1.00  
Emptied water from flower pot (n = 31)
 - No2.432.08–2.77<0.001*
 - Yes (reference)1.00  
Washed water container with brush or sponge (n = 208)
 - No1.010.92–1.110.839
 - Yes (reference)1.00  
Throw away unused outdoor containers (n = 208)
 - No1.121.04–1.230.005*
 - Yes (reference)1.00  
Overturned other containers after use (n = 117)
 - No1.291.12–1.510.001*
 - Yes1.030.94–1.180.690
 - Yes, and kept away from rain (reference)1.00