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Table 2 Dengue preventive behaviors surveyed in households

From: Impact of dengue-preventive behaviors on Aedes immature production in Bang Kachao, Samut Prakan Province, Thailand: a cross-sectional study

VariablesNo. of inspected households%
Container for drinking water
 - No lid21.91
 - Covered with effective lid10398.09
Container for used water
 - No lid or temephos2411.54
 - Added temephos3717.79
 - Had effective lid4722.59
 - Had effective lid and added temephos10048.08
Changed water or added temephos in vase
 - No1613.79
 - Yes10086.21
Changed water in pet water bowl
 - No1514.56
 - Yes8885.44
Emptied water from flower pot
 - No2374.19
 - Yes825.81
Washed water container with brush or sponge
 - No6330.29
 - Yes14569.71
Thrown away unused outdoor containers
 - No16679.81
 - Yes4220.19
Overturned other containers after use
 - No4639.32
 - Yes86.83
 - Yes, and kept away from rain6353.85