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Table 1 Proportion of container with Aedes immature mosquito per wet container and per household

From: Impact of dengue-preventive behaviors on Aedes immature production in Bang Kachao, Samut Prakan Province, Thailand: a cross-sectional study

Type of containerNo. of households had containersNo. of wet containersNo. containers with immature mosquitoProportion of container with immature mosquito per wet containerProportion of container with immature mosquito per household
Drinking water10511520.020.02
Used water2082501150.460.55
Flower vase11613750.040.04
Pet water bowl10310870.060.07
Flower pot3163190.300.61
Unused outdoor208375160.040.08
Water bucket or can11713270.050.06
Water bowl or glass at cemetery and/or spirit house11126770.030.06