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Table 2 Matrix of change for programme objective 2 - Facilitate adoption of specific exercises and correct posture

From: Evidence, theory and context: using intervention mapping in the development of a community-based self-management program for chronic low back pain in a rural African primary care setting - the good back program

 Personal determinants
Performance objectiveHealth literacySelf-awarenessSelf-efficacyPersonal preference
Take up exercises and good posture as self-management strategies for CLBPIncrease knowledge of exercises and good posture as effective long term management options for CLBPAwareness of current negative beliefs about exercises and good postureLearn specific exercises and good posture, and have the ability to incorporate them into daily lifeAbility to decide which exercises to perform at different times in daily life
 External/environmental determinants
 Health professional skillsHealth facility structureFamily support
 Health professional has the skills to teach participants specific exercises and good posture, and support their adoption in daily lifeHealth facility structure is accessible and supports performance of group exercise and postural training sessionsFamily members support adoption of exercises and good posture in daily life