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Table 3 Uptake of LTBI education and screening, ranked from most successful to least successful strategy

From: Strategies to reach and motivate migrant communities at high risk for TB to participate in a latent tuberculosis infection screening program: a community-engaged, mixed methods study among Eritreans

PHSStrategiesNumbers envisioned to reachParticipated in LTBI educationReceived
LTBI screening
nn (% of n envisioned to reach)n (% of n LTBI education)(% of n envisioned to reach)
Total904401 (44%)257 (64%)(28%)
4Strategy 4.3: Female group house3525 (71%)31 (124%)a(89%)
3Strategy 2.1: Face to face promotion4730 (64%)62 (124%)a(84%)
Strategy 2.2: Face to face promotion2720 (74%)
2Strategy 5: Male football team2015 (75%)10 (67%)(50%)
2Strategy 4.1: Female group house2012 (60%)9 (75%)(45%)
4Strategy 6.1: Eritrean church20065+ (33%) b,c70 (108%)(35%)
2Strategy 3.2: Dutch language classes5030 (60%)16 (53%)(32%)
1Strategy 1:
Invitation through mail and social media
17544 (25%)32 (73%)(18%)
1Strategy 3.1: Dutch language classes2012 (60%)3 (25%)(15%)
2Strategy 3.3: Dutch language classes608 (13%)7 (88%)(12%)
2Strategy 4.2: Male group house5030 (60%)5 (17%)(10%)
5Strategy 6.2: Eritrean church200110 (55%)d11 (10%)(6%)
  1. PHS Public Health Service, LTBI Latent tuberculosis infection
  2. aPersons who attended the education session were encouraged to motivate and bring friends and family to the LTBI screening, which resulted in LTBI screening uptake (compared to LTBI education uptake) percentages over 100%
  3. bPersons in the church who registered-after promotion talk after church service- to receive an invitation by mail for extensive education session and LTBI screening at the PHS
  4. cOne household member had to register to receive an invitation which was valid for the whole household
  5. dNumber of invitations handed out after the promotion talk after the church service