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Table 1 Socio-demographic characteristics of the enrolled individuals

From: Prevalence and associated factors of hypertension among adults in Gadarif in eastern Sudan: a community-based study

VariableFrequencyProportionMean (95% CI) of the blood pressure
Marital status
 Married42570.897.4 (96.1–98.6)
 Unmarried13222.092.3 (90.3–94.2)
 Divorced/widowed437.2100.1 (96.4–103.7)
Education < secondary level26243.798.4 (96.7–100.0)
Smokers152.594.0 (84.7–103.4)
Alcoholics20.3376.6 (34.3–119.0)
Family history (first-degree) of hypertension17429.095.6 (93.9–97.3)
Body mass index categories
 Underweight447.389.8 (86.2–93.3)
 Normal body mass index20133.594.5 (92.8–96.2)
 Overweight15926.596.4 (94.5–98.4)
 Obese19632.7100.0 (98.3–101.7)