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Table 4 Frequency distribution of attitude towards E-cigarettes responses of participants who have heard of E-cigarettes (N = 318) in Beirut, Lebanon between December 2018 and March 2019

From: Knowledge and attitudes towards E-cigarette use in Lebanon and their associated factors

Attitude questionNo.Valid %
Should E-cigarettes be recommended to a nonsmoker?
 No - Negative Attitude29890.3
 Yes - Positive Attitude329.7
Do you think E-cigarettes are harmful for health?
 Yes - Negative Attitude27284.2
 No - Positive Attitude5115.8
Should the use of E-cigarettes be allowed in places that do not allow smoking?
 No - Negative Attitude25979.7
 Yes - Positive Attitude6620.3
Would you consider someone who uses E-cigarettes a smoker?
 Yes - Negative Attitude25277.1
 No - Positive Attitude7522.9
Do you think the use of E-cigarettes can lead to reliance?
 Yes - Negative Attitude24376.4
 No - Positive Attitude7523.6
Do you think the government should regulate the use of E-cigarettes?
 Yes - Negative Attitude22670.0
 No - Positive Attitude9730.0
Do you feel more comfortable using or openly talking about smoking E-cigarettes, compared to cigarettes?
 No - Negative Attitude21769.1
 Yes- Positive Attitude9730.9
Do you feel it is more socially acceptable to smoke E-cigarettes, compared to cigarettes?
 No - Negative Attitude18356.7
 Yes- Positive Attitude14043.3
Should E-cigarettes be used as a replacement for regular cigarettes?
 No - Negative Attitude18055.7
 Yes - Positive Attitude14344.3
Do you think it is acceptable to experiment with E-cigarettes for pleasure?
 No - Negative Attitude18255.7
 Yes - Positive Attitude14544.3
Do you think using E-cigarettes would be an effective way to help in smoking cessation?
 No - Negative Attitude16551.4
 Yes - Positive Attitude15648.6
Do you think it is acceptable to use E-cigarettes as a smoking cessation method?
 No - Negative Attitude15949.2
 Yes - Positive Attitude16450.8
Do you think E-cigarettes can help people cut down on cigarettes or quit smoking?
 No - Negative Attitude14746.1
 Yes - Positive Attitude17253.9