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Table 3 Frequency distribution of E-cigarettes knowledge responses of participants who have heard of E-cigarettes (N = 318) in Beirut, Lebanon between December 2018 and March 2019

From: Knowledge and attitudes towards E-cigarette use in Lebanon and their associated factors

Knowledge questionNo.Valid %
E-cigarettes are associated with bladder cancer
 False - Wrong Answer25175.4
 True - Correct Answer8224.6
E-cigarettes are FDA Approved
 True - Wrong Answer24774.4
 False - Correct Answer8525.6
Some flavors of E-cigarettes are more harmful than others
 False – Wrong answer23270.1
 True – Correct answer9929.9
Swallowing the liquid in E-cigarettes accidentally can cause poisoning that is potentially fatal
 False - Wrong Answer18355.3
 True - Correct Answer14844.7
E-cigarettes are not associated with lung cancer
 True - Wrong Answer18154.4
 False - Correct Answer15245.6
E-cigarettes impair lung and heart functions
 False – Wrong answer11050.9
 True – Correct answer21649.1
E-cigarettes do not contribute to second hand smoking
 True - Wrong Answer15346.2
 False - Correct Answer17853.8
E-cigarettes can have an effect on fetal development
 False - Wrong Answer13239.6
 True - Correct Answer20160.4
Nicotine is present in most E-cigarettes
 False - Wrong Answer12938.9
 True - Correct Answer20361.1
Harmful flavorings and toxins are found in the E-cigarette aerosol
 False - Wrong Answer12538.0
 True - Correct Answer20462.0
E-cigarettes are harmless
 True - Wrong Answer11434.7
 False - Correct Answer21565.3
Some components of the liquid found in E-cigarettes can cause harmful lung conditions
 False - Wrong Answer11133.5
 True - Correct Answer22066.5
E-cigarettes are not addictive
 True - Wrong Answer11033.0
 False - Correct Answer22367.0
E-cigarettes are suitable for pregnant women
 True - Wrong Answer3510.5
 False - Correct Answer29889.5
E-cigarettes are suitable for children
 True - Wrong Answer226.6
 False - Correct Answer31093.4