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Table 2 Frequency distribution of E-cigarette smoking habits among study participants (N = 352) in Beirut, Lebanon between December 2018 and March 2019

From: Knowledge and attitudes towards E-cigarette use in Lebanon and their associated factors

E-cigarette Habit QuestionNo.Valid %
Have you heard of E-cigarettes
If yes, where have you heard of E-cigarettes? (Circle all that apply)
 Social media17225.2
 Center for smoking cessation91.3
Do you use E-cigarettes?
What flavor of E-cigarettes do you use? (Circle all that apply)
#Does the E-cigarette you use contain nicotine?
How long have you been using E-cigarettes (months)? (Mean)11.99 
What made you start smoking E-cigarettes? (Circle all that apply)
 Social smoking1217.1
 Quit smoking1115.7
 Effects (relaxant, etc. …)34.3
Why do you not use E-cigarettes? (Circle all that apply)
 I do not smoke13034.9
 Never considered it11831.6
 No access184.8
Compared to regular cigarettes (or other tobacco products) how much satisfaction do you get from E-cigarettes?