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Table 2 Prevalence of chronic pain, chronic impairment and mental health problems

From: Health status and use of medication and their association with migration related exposures among Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Norway: a cross-sectional study

Chronic pain (Pain > 6 months) (%, CI)77230(27–33)31(27–35)37(31–43)
Chronic impairment (> 1 year) (%, CI)77529(26–33)30(26–34)33(27–38)
Anxiety/depr. (HSCL-10 cut-off 1.85) (%, CI)78835(32–38)31(27–35)33(27–38)
HSCL-10 score (mean, CI) 1.62(1.57–1.67)1.56(1.48–1.63)1.62(1.53–1.71)
PTSD diagnosis (HTQ cut-off 2.5) (%, CI)6967(5–9)4(2–6)7(5–11)
HTQ score (mean, CI) 1.56(1.52–1.60)1.49(1.44–1.55)1.53(1.46–1.60)
  1. aPrevalence proportions and means with confidence intervals (CI) weighted by age and gender