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Table 2 Themes and sub-themes

From: Facilitators and barriers of managing patients with multiple chronic conditions in the community: a qualitative study

Accessing affordable care• Affordable charges & presence of “helping hands”• Financial challenges specific to the MediSave withdrawal limit, higher non-standard drug charges & support schemes
Ability to reach & utilise services• Perceived accessibility to comprehensive services• Impractical for polyclinics to cover all patients
• Challenges of elderly navigating the polyclinic system
• Long waiting time
Receiving safe and quality care• Quality assurance and improvement efforts
• Collaboration among multidisciplinary teams
• Challenges of physicians adhering to clinical and other guidelines
• Perceived inadequate consultation duration
• Lack of care continuity
• Difficulties of polyclinics managing complex patients
Self-managing in the community• Patient education and empowerment
• Patients with understanding on conditions and making some forms of lifestyle modification
• Infeasible for polyclinics to track patients’ progress closely
• Low adoption of technology by patients
• Multiple factors influencing patients’ self-management and decision to make lifestyle changes