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Table 2 Classification of agents responsible for poisoning in women in Tanzania

From: Acute pesticide poisoning amongst adolescent girls and women in northern Tanzania

ProductChemical groupWHO ClassFrequencyPercentage by categoryPercentage all agents (n = 108)
1.Known products
 OPOPIb and II1361.912.0
 Zinc PhosphideINIb419.03.7
Sub total 1  21100.019.4
2.Unspecific Products
 Livestock DipUNUN29.11.9
 Food poisoningUNUN1359.112.0
 Rat PoisonUNUN627.35.5
 Insecticide poisonUNUN14.50.9
Sub total 2  22100.020.3
Sub total 3  65100.00% 
All Agents  108  
  1. IN Inorganic, OP Organophosphate, OC Organochlorine
  2. UN: Unknown BP Bipyridylium derivative