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Table 1 Age category and circumstances of poisoning for APP amongst females

From: Acute pesticide poisoning amongst adolescent girls and women in northern Tanzania

Age category (Years)UnknownAccidentalOccupationalSuicideTotal
10–197331831 (28.7%)
20–2911752548 (44.4%)
30–392201014 (13.0%)
40+0211215 (13.9%)
Total20 (18.5%)14 (13.0%)9 (8.3%)65 (60.2%)108 (100%)
  1. Definitions: Suicide as poisoning arising from an act of deliberate self-harm; homicide as poisoning arising from a deliberate exposure experience by one person/s as a result of the actions of another person; occupational as poisoning arising amongst workers as a result of handing (mixing, spraying, storage or other usage) of pesticides for work purposes; accidental as poisoning occurring outside of the work context as a result of an unintended exposure; known as a circumstance that includes one or more of accidental, occupational, suicide or homicide; unknown as a poisoning case for which the circumstance was none of the above and was unknown