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Table 3 Comparisons of Fit Indices between the Unidimensional and Conventional Models of Current and Expected Culture

From: The validation of organisational culture assessment instrument in healthcare setting: results from a cross-sectional study in Vietnam

Fit indicesDfχ2pSRMRaCFIbRMSEAc
Current Culture
 Four factor246649.1.00110.070.0.10
 ∆ Unid - Four factor model97011.06.000   
Expected Culture
 Four factor model246626.50.00114.00.80.12
 ∆ Unid - Four factor model66699.85.000   
  1. Note. aStandardised Root Mean Square Residual. bComparative Fit Index. cRoot Mean Square Error of Approximation. dUnidimensional