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Table 1 Search strategy

From: 30+ years of media analysis of relevance to chronic disease: a scoping review

Search terms(Public Health/ OR Health promotion/ OR Health Education/ OR Health Policy/ OR Overweight/ OR Obesity/ OR Alcohol Drinking/ OR Binge Drinking/ OR Exercise/ OR Diet/ OR Food habits/ OR Smoking/ OR Smoking cessation/ OR Risk Factors/ OR Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2/ OR Hypertension/ OR Cardiovascular Diseases/ OR Chronic Disease/ OR Cancer) AND (Mass Media/ OR Communications Media/ OR Social Media/ OR OR OR news*.mp OR OR Marketing/ or Marketing of health services/ or Social marketing/ OR advertis*.mp) AND ( OR OR content
Search limitsEnglish language
  1. Note: / denotes a MeSH heading; .mp denotes a free text search term