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Table 2 Odds Ratios and 95% Confidence Intervals Comparing Intervention/Control Groups on Selected Behaviours at Post-Test

From: Impact of a one-year school-based teacher-implemented nutrition and physical activity intervention: main findings and future recommendations

IndicatorsNutritionists trialTrained Schoolteachers trial
Odds ratio95% CIOdds ratio95% CI
Dietary habits
 Daily breakfast intake1.020.56; 1.852.041.34; 3.11a
 Intake of fruits (at least twice per day)1.611.19;2.19a1.250.85; 1.85
 Intake of vegetables (at least once per day)1.901.31;2.75a1.270.87; 1.85
 Crisps consumption (at least once per day)0.440.23;0.85a0.490.30; 0.81a
Snacks bought from school shop
 Purchase of soft drinks (yes vs. no)0.700.41; 1.210.800.31; 2.05
 Purchase of crisps (yes vs. no)0.520.29;0.92a0.870.34; 2.22
Snacks consumed between meals
 Fruits consumed as snack1.400.94; 2.041.420.79; 2.53
 Crisps consumed as snack0.850.61; 1.190.310.20; 0.47a
After-school physical activities (at least once per week)1.630.83; 3.230.510.23; 1.13
  1. aSignificant at p < 0.05