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Table 3 Pattern loading of the major factor solutions after promax rotation, without taking the alcohol use disorders (AUDIT score) among these factors

From: Factors associated with alcohol use disorder: the role of depression, anxiety, stress, alexithymia and work fatigue- a population study in Lebanon

 Factor 1Factor 2Factor 3Factor 4
High social emotional awareness0.881   
High relationship management0.868   
High emotional management0.831   
High emotional awareness0.813   
Low emotional work fatigue0.706   
High physical work fatigue 0.826  
High perceived stress 0.814  
High alexithymia Scale (TAS-20) 0.744  
High mental work fatigue 0.594  
High suicidal ideation  0.867 
High depression score (HAM-D)  0.833 
High anxiety score (HAM-A)  0.658 
Low Rosenberg self-esteem   0.863
High Liebowitz total score   0.452
  1. Factor 1 = mental wellbeing (i.e. high emotional intelligence and low emotional work fatigue; Factor 2 = psychological distress (i.e. high physical and mental work fatigue, high stress and high alexithymia; Factor 3 = mood/affective dysfunction (i.e. high suicidal ideation, high depression and high anxiety; Factor 4 = social dysfunction (i.e. low self-esteem and high social phobia)