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Table 1 Timeline of national and state pesticide bans

From: Suicide by pesticide poisoning in India: a review of pesticide regulations and their impact on suicide trends

DateTerritoryPesticide bannedState bans
1974Nationalparathion (ethyl parathion) 
1989Nationaldibromochloropropane, pentachloronitrobenzene, toxaphene 
1996Nationalaldrin, chlordane, heptachlor 
2001Nationalaldicarb, chlorbenzilate, dieldrin, ethylene dibromide, maleic hydrazide, trichloroacetic acid 
2005National(dalapon, ferbam, formothion, nickel chloride, paradichlorobenzene, simazine, warfarin) 
2005Kerala DDT, endosulfan
Before 2007aNationalbenzene hexachloride, calcium cyanide, copper acetoarsenite, ethyl mercury chloride, menazon, nitrofen, paraquat dimethyl sulphate, pentachlorophenol, phenyl mercury acetate, sodium methane arsonate, tetradifon 
2011Kerala anilofos, atrazine, carbofuran, edifenphos, methoxy ethyl mercuric chloride, methyl parathion, monocrotophos, oxythioquinox, paraquat, phorate, profenofos, thiobencarb, triazophos, tricyclazole
2011Karnataka [endosulfan]
2007 to 2012aNationalchlorofenviphos, metoxuron 
2014Sikkim all pesticides
2017Maharashtra [acephate, cypermethrin, diafenthiuron, fipronil, imidacloprid, monocrotophos, profenofos]
2018Punjab alachlor, benfuracarb, bifenthrin, carbosulfan, chlorfenapyr, dazomet, dicofol, diflubenzuron, endosulfan, ethofenprox, fenitrothion, kasugamycin, metaldehyde, methomyl, monocrotophos, phorate, phosphamidon, thiophanate-methyl, triazophos, tricholorofon
2018Nationalbenomyl, carbaryl, diazinon, fenarimol, fenthion, linuron, methoxy ethyl mercuric chloride, methyl parathion, thiometon, tridemorph 
2020Nationalalachlor, dichlorvos, phorate, phosphamidon, triazophos, trichlorfon 
  1. Key: HHPs frequently used for suicide are indicated in bold. Pesticides withdrawn from use until further information as requested by the Registration Committee is submitted are in (parentheses). Temporarily banned pesticides are in [square brackets]. Proposed future bans on pesticides are in italics
  2. ainformation on which year these pesticides were banned is not available