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Table 3 Correlates# of obesity in randomized sample of Czech adolescents in relation to SES: HBSC survey in 2018

From: Time-trends and correlates of obesity in Czech adolescents in relation to family socioeconomic status over a 16-year study period (2002–2018)

  LowSES MediumSES HighSES
   95% CI  95% CI  95% CI
 Girls5.1Ref. 3.4Ref. 1.8Ref. 
Age Category
 15 years8.7Ref. 5.5Ref. 3.3Ref. 
 13 years7.21.38*1.07–1.766.71.351.11–1.633.81.200.93–1.55
 11 years9.01.39*1.06–1.816.21.170.95–1.465.41.180.88–1.58
60 min of MVPA
 0–6 days8.8Ref. 6.2Ref. 4.7Ref. 
 7 days5.50.67*0.47–0.965.80.980.77––0.86
Weekly vigorous PA
  < 4 times a week9.1Ref. 6.7Ref. 4.6Ref. 
  ≥ 4 times a week6.70.73*0.57–0.935.30.760.63–0.913.60.78*0.62–0.99
Participation in sport
 Inactive (no participation)9.9Ref. 7.4Ref. 5.6Ref. 
 Team and/or individual7.00.660.53–0.814.80.690.58–0.823.50.75*0.58–0.96
Screen time on weekdays
  ≥ 2 h per weekday8.6Ref. 6.5Ref. 4.3Ref. 
  < 2 h per weekday4.90.910.59–1.392.90.470.32–0.682.00.700.43–1.12
Breakfast on weekdays
 less than daily8.8Ref. 7.4Ref. 4.3Ref. 
Consumption of sweets
 less than daily8.9Ref. 6.5Ref. 4.6Ref. 
Eating fast food
 less often8.4Ref. 6.3Ref. 4.3Ref. 
 at least twice a month8.00.810.60–*0.61–0.973.30.570.43–0.77
Sleep time at weekends
 enough sleep7.9Ref. 5.9Ref. 4.4Ref. 
 not enough sleep14.01.150.87–1.538.91.33*1.05–1.695.51.48*1.09–2.00
 too much sleep6.00.790.61–––1.17
  1. #significant in at least one of the adolescent SES categories, SES Socioeconomic status, CI 95% confidence interval, %a percentage of obese adolescents per independent variable stratified by SES, OR odds ratio (logistic regression) of being obese in SES separately conducted analysis, Ref. Reference group, PA physical activity, MVPA moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, *p < .05, p < .005, p < .001 Significant associations (p < .05) are in bold