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Table 4 Cost-effectiveness ratios by decreases in PrEP costs assuming no non-UAI receive PrEP

From: Cost utility analysis of HIV pre exposure prophylaxis among men who have sex with men in Israel

(based on 2018 price levels).
Decrease inNet InterventionAvertedCost (USD) per
PrEP pricesCost (millions USD)DALYsaverted DALY
  1. Notes: Assumes 80% PrEP take up by high-risk MSM,
  2. PrEP efficacy of 86.0% [4, 5]
  3. (a) Negative net intervention cost means intervention becomes Cost-Saving (i.e. savings in treatment costs outweigh intervention costs) at price decreases in excess of 84.0%
  4. Intervention becomes very cost-effective or cost-effective when PrEP prices fall by more than 76.5% or 61.7% respectively