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Table 2 Pairwise Relationships between Factors Negatively Related to TFR (School years, GDP per capita, Contraceptive Prevalence Rate) and between Religiosity, Positively Related to TFR, and the Same Three Factors

From: Human fertility in relation to education, economy, religion, contraception, and family planning programs

Mean r Value (Range), n = 6 (Regions)
Factors Negatively Related to TFR (School years, GDP, CPR)
 School Years vs GDP per capitaContraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) vs GDP per CapitaContraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) vs School Years
 0.56 (0.34–0.74)0.42 (0.19–0.73)0.42 (0.10–0.80)
Factor Positively Related to TRF (Religiosity)
 School Years vs ReligiosityGDP per Capita vs ReligiosityContraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) vs Religiosity
 -0.46 (−0.17, −0.71)−0.33 (0.11, −0.51)−0.33 (−0.10, −0.50)
  1. Source: See Methods, for data