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Table 3 Associations between AUDIT scores and OA prevalence of the hip joint, knee, and lumbar spine in KNHANES surveyees

From: Association between alcohol consumption and osteoarthritis prevalence in Korea as assessed by the alcohol use disorders identification test (AUDIT): a cross-sectional study

Joint locationAUDIT score aOA prevalenceCrudep valueAge- and sex-adjustedp valueFully-adjustedbp value
NoYesOR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
Hip OAZone I4235451.00   1.00   1.00   
Zone II929151.730.853.520.1291.440.673.120.3491.280.572.920.548
Zone III27910.490.063.690.4840.390.053.010.3680.410.053.210.398
Zone IV30351.520.544.310.4261.270.423.830.6761.240.403.880.712
Knee OAZone I206518661.00   1.00   1.00   
Zone II5472830.510.420.61< 0.0011.070.861.320.5551.000.801.260.978
Zone III172890.500.370.68< 0.0011.481.032.120.0321.461.032.090.036
Zone IV189910.510.370.71< 0.0011.611.102.370.0151.541.032.320.036
Lumbar spine OAZone I110017181.00   1.00   1.00   
Zone II2443070.680.550.850.0010.930.711.220.5960.870.661.160.355
Zone III72900.620.420.910.0151.000.651.530.9920.980.611.570.923
Zone IV681040.780.531.160.2221.480.912.400.1101.290.772.160.335
  1. AUDIT Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test; OA Osteoarthritis; OR Odds ratio; CI Confidence interval
  2. *Statistical significance was set as p < 0.05
  3. a AUDIT scores are calculated as the sum of 10 items, and were categorized into Zone I (0–7), Zone II (8–15), Zone III (16–19), and Zone IV (20+)
  4. b Fully-adjusted: adjusted for age, sex, income level, educational level, occupation, marital status, residential area, smoking status, body mass index, and physical activity