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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of KNHANES surveyees aged ≥50 by AUDIT scores

From: Association between alcohol consumption and osteoarthritis prevalence in Korea as assessed by the alcohol use disorders identification test (AUDIT): a cross-sectional study

Factors / SubgroupAUDIT scorea
Zone IZone IIZone IIIZone IV 
 N%N%N%N%p value
Age (years)b62.39 ± 0.1859.33 ± 0.2857.82 ± 0.3857.43 ± 0.38 
 Male198538.097382.034693.836694.1< 0.001*
Household income
 Lower quartile160531.129024.87821.27820.3< 0.001*
 Middle-lower quartile132725.730926.48122.110226.6 
 Middle-upper quartile111121.525922.18523.29825.5 
 Upper quartile111721.731326.712333.510627.6 
 Elementary school graduate or lower247547.439233.111330.611429.5< 0.001*
 Middle school graduate or lower88116.924821.06116.58421.7 
 High school graduate or lower121723.436631.012935.012732.8 
 College graduate or higher64012.317614.96617.96216.0 
 Managing, administrative and professional positions2805.4968.2369.8328.3< 0.001*
 Office work1192.3504.2287.6256.5 
 Service and sales industry54110.414011.9369.84712.1 
 Agriculture and fishery68613.219116.27219.67018.1 
 Engineering and equipment and machinery operation and assembly3125.919216.36818.57619.6 
 Simple labor62412.013411.4349.23910.1 
 Unemployment (including housewives and students)264650.837531.89425.59825.3 
Marital status
Urban-rural gradient
 Urban area384073.688374.427073.227069.40.422
 Rural area138026.430425.69926.811930.6 
Smoking status
 Non-smoker335664.331526.56317.15614.4< 0.001*
 Former smoker122923.646439.116444.416241.7 
 Current smoker63312.140834.414238.517143.9 
Body mass index (kg/m2)
 mean ± SD24.00 ± 0.0624.22 ± 0.1023.83 ± 0.1724.08 ± 0.19 
Regular exercise
  1. KNHANES Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey; AUDIT Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test;
  2. *Statistical significance was set as p < 0.05
  3. a AUDIT scores are calculated as the sum of 10 items, and were categorized into Zone I (0–7), Zone II (8–15), Zone III (16–19), and Zone IV (20+)
  4. b Continuous variables are presented as mean ± standard deviation (SD)