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Table 3 Logistic regression analyses reporting support for (i) smoke-free and (ii) tobacco-free campus policy options among university staff and students

From: Smoking behaviours and attitudes towards campus-wide tobacco control policies among staff and students: a cross-sectional survey at the University of Birmingham

 Smoke-Free Campusa Tobacco-Free Campusb
Predictor variableNAdjusted OR95% CIP-value†Adjusted OR95% CIP-value
 17–24 years223  
 25–34 years1530.730.34–1.520.3940.810.42–1.560.521
 35–44 years1591.540.68–3.480.2971.450.72–2.920.301
 45–54 years1250.700.31–1.600.3961.260.60–2.650.547
 ≥ 55 years910.960.40–2.300.9281.410.65–3.040.382
Ethnic Group
 White British/Irish657  
 Asian/Asian British425.461.49–19.960.010*2.071.02–4.200.043*
 Black African/Caribbean170.880.25–3.070.8001.180.43–3.240.742
 Other ethnic group220.980.33–2.960.9742.390.93–6.110.069
University Status
Smoking Status       
 Never Smoker508 
 Previous Smoker1580.280.18–0.42< 0.001**0.390.26–0.60< 0.001**
 Intermittent Smoker310.060.02–0.16< 0.001**0.130.04–0.430.001**
 Daily Smoker780.020.01–0.05< 0.001**0.020.00–0.10< 0.001**
  1. P-value for differences between groups *P ≤ 0.05 **P ≤ 0.001
  2. aAgreement/strong agreement with the survey item: ‘We should aspire to make the university campus free of tobacco smoking’
  3. bAgreement/strong agreement with all survey items: (a) We should aspire to make the university campus free of tobacco smoking’; and (b) Tobacco sales should be banned on campus’; and (c) Staff and students should not be allowed to smoke e-cigarettes on campus