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Table 3 Pearson’s correlation coefficients for attributes of perceived and actual level of PL divided by gender (N = 327)

From: Associations between perceived and actual physical literacy level in Chinese primary school children

(1) KU_PPL
(2) SE_PPL
(3) SS_PPL
(4) KU_CAPL2
(5) MC_CAPL2
(6) DB_CAPL2
(7) PC_CAPL2
(8) PPL
(9) CAPL2
  1. Notes. KU_PPL, SE_PPL, and SS_PPL were three attributes of Perceived Physical Literacy; KU_CAPL, MC_CAPL, DB_CAPL, and PC_CAPL were four domains of actual Physical Literacy; PPL = total score of Perceived Physical Literacy; CAPL2 = total score of actual Physical Literacy measured by CAPL2
  2. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01 (two-tailed)