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Table 3 Mean differences of both GPAQ versions to accelerometer data

From: Show cards of the Global Physical Activity Questionnaire (GPAQ) – do they impact validity? A crossover study

n = 54Difference: GPAQ+ to accelerometerDifference: GPAQ- to accelerometerp1
Moderate intensity [min/d] mean (SD)−23.1 (89.3)−21.3 (117.1)0.33
Vigorous intensity [min/d] mean (SD)35.2 (45.5)30.3 (35.4)0.40
Sedentary behaviour [min/d] mean (SD)−18.3 (150.7)−9.3 (159.6)0.32
  1. 1 Wilcoxon signed-rank tests