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Table 3 Perception of the protective effect offered by VMMC (n = 322)

From: Voluntary medical male circumcision and sexual practices among sexually active circumcised men in Mzuzu, Malawi: a cross-sectional study

Reasons for undergoing VMMCn%
 HIV prevention16150.0
Perceived understanding of VMMC protection against HIV transmission (n = 322)
 Provides total protection4112.7
 Provides partial protection27384.8
 Does not understand82.5
Benefits of VMMC (n = 322)n%
 Prevention of HIV, STI & cancer18758.1
 Sexual pleasure154.7
VMMC and fears of HIV (n = 322)n%
 Fear reduced14745.7
 Fear not reduced17554.4
Condom use following VMMCn%
 Continued use30494.4
 No condom use185.6
Transmission of HIV in the infected circumcisedn%
 Can still transmit HIV31798.5
 Cannot transmit HIV51.6
Contracting HIV following VMMCn%
 Can contract HIV31196.6
 Cannot contract HIV113.4