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Table 2 Lifestyle characteristics of sedentary staffs (N = 400)

From: Association between body mass index and ready-to-eat food consumption among sedentary staff in Nay Pyi Taw union territory, Myanmar

CharacteristicsMale (n = 64)Female (n = 336)Total (N = 400)
Alcohol drinking
Habit of regular exercise
Average weekly physical exercise (in minutes)
 More than or equal to1501015.6257.4358.7
 Less than1505484.431192.636591.3
Type of physical exercise
 No and light intensity3960.920561.024461.0
 Moderate and high intensity2539.113139.015639.0
Leisure activity
Travel with job
Distance between home and other places (in miles)
 More than one2031.313038.715037.5
 Less than or equal to one4468.720661.325062.5
Transportation facility
 On foot/bicycle710.94413.15112.7
aBMI (kg/m2)
  < 255484.428986.034385.8
  ≥ 3011.6103.0112.7
  1. aBMI body mass index;
  2. bOthers: motorbike, car, and public transport