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Table 2 Sensitivity Analysis of Interventions for Different Numbers of Silica-Exposed Workers and Different Levels of Exposure

From: A probabilistic approach for economic evaluation of occupational health and safety interventions: a case study of silica exposure reduction interventions in the construction sector

Primary silica exposureBaselineLow Exposure (< 0.0125 mg/m3)Medium Exposure (0.0125–0.025 mg/m3)High Exposure (> 0.025 mg/m3)
Silica-exposed workersa Lower boundUpper boundLower boundUpper boundLower boundUpper bound
No Intervention
 Expected LC casesb110601118014095180
 Total LC costsc$189 M$103 M$191 M$138 M$241 M$164 M$310 M
 LC cases avertedd107601117913884162
 Total LC costs avertede$185 M$103 M$191 M$136 M$238 M$145 M$280 M
 Total intervention costsf$151 M$99 M$173 M$99 M$173 M$99 M$173 M
 Net benefitg$46 M$4 M$19 M$37 M$65 M$46 M$107 M
 Net benefit change (%)10%41%80%142%100%233%
 LC cases avertedd95601117112446100
 Total LC costs avertede$164 M$103 M$191 M$122 M$214 M$79 M$172 M
 Total intervention costsf$63 M$43 M$71 M$43 M$71 M$43 M$71 M
 Net benefitg$107 M$60 M$120 M$79 M$143 M$36 M$101 M
 Net benefit change (%)57%113%74%134%34%95%
 LC cases avertedd96591097312957113
 Total LC costs avertede$166 M$101 M$187 M$126 M$222 M$97 M$195 M
 Total intervention costsf$81 M$56 M$101 M$56 M$101 M$56 M$101 M
 Net benefitg$85 M$45 M$86 M$70 M$120 M$42 M$94 M
 Net benefit change (%)53%101%83%141%49%110%
  1. Note. anumber of the silica-exposed workers in the construction sector in thousand, bexpected occupational lung cancer cases,ctotal cost of occupational lung cancer cases with no intervention, dexpected occupational lung cancer cases averted after implementation of an intervention, etotal cost of lung cancer cases averted, fcost of implementing a silica exposure reduction intervention, gdifference between cost of lung cancer cases averted and cost of intervention. All table monetary values are in 2017 Canadian dollars