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Table 3 Main categories, generic categories and subcategories

From: Non-participation in mammographic screening – experiences of women from a region in Sweden

Main categoriesGeneric categoriesSubcategories
Doubts regarding mammographic screening and its organisationLack of trust in mammographic screening equipment and its arrangementsDifferent mammographic screening possibilities
Secure and reliable mammogram and apparatus
Ambivalent appreciation for mammographic screeningAppreciation for benefit and purpose
Personal and professional treatment
Sense and sensibility in the decision to refrainPhysical and psychological tensionsApproaches related to mammogram
Unmanageable pain and knowledge
Rationalisation when deciding to refrain from mammographic screeningTrust in self-awareness of the body and risk assessment
Diminishing of own needs
Dependency and optionsImportance of flexible and individually adapted systems and solutionsService-adapted operation and local representation
Unsatisfying individual solutions and degree of participation
Insufficient possibilities to influence external circumstances and the women’s own prioritiesResource demands in relation to value
Strenuous distance and transports for attendance