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Table 2 Examples of the analysis

From: Non-participation in mammographic screening – experiences of women from a region in Sweden

Meaning unitCodeSubcategoryGeneric categoryMain category
It is more like…then one mentally “okay, five minutes more I have to endure” … (Informant 10)Handling of pain during mammogramApproaches related to mammogramPhysical and psychological tensionsSense and sensibility in the decision to refrain
And I also think that if there is anything there, I [would] rather not know. (Informant 4)Avoidance of knowledgeUnmanageable pain and knowledge
We don’t have it [breast cancer] in the family. (Informant 6)Hereditary riskTrust in self-awareness of the body and risk assessmentRationalisation when deciding to refrain from mammographic screening
But if I have a group waiting for me, [I would rather refrain then] … (Informant 2)Prioritisation of othersDiminishing of own needs