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Table 2 Schedule of baseline and follow-up data collection

From: Manaaki – a cognitive behavioral therapy mobile health app to support people experiencing gambling problems: a randomized control trial protocol

TimingBaseline4 weeks8 weeks12 weeksPost 12 weeks
DescriptionScreening, Randomisation, Baseline data collectionFollow-up data collectionFollow-up data collectionFollow-up data collectionOngoingb
General data
 E-informed consent    
Descriptive Data
aAge, asex, aethnicity, Iwi    
 Region and sub-region    
 Annual Income    
Primary outcome
Secondary outcome measures
 Frequency, duration & expenditure
Secondary Descriptive Measures
 Problem gambling modes    
 Goal setting    
 Follow up goal setting 
 Readiness to change
 App engagement and utilisation, Frequency, Intensity, Time and TypeContinuous throughout the study
  1. a Used for randomization
  2. b The app will be available for all participants for at least 12 weeks after the study is completed