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Table 1 Shows the socio demographic characteristics of the participants

From: Health system factors influencing uptake of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine among adolescent girls 9-15 years in Mbale District, Uganda

CharacteristicFrequency (N = 407)Percentage (%)
Age (years)
Marital status of caretaker
Education level of caretaker
 No formal education4611.3
 Primary level20450.1
 Secondary level13833.9
 Tertiary level194.7
Occupation of care taker
 House wife5914.5
 Formal employment225.4
 Business women13132.2
Number of siblings
 One to two6115.0
 Three to four19247.2
 Five and more15437.8
Distance to health facility
 Less than 1 km7819.2
 Between 1 and 3 km28971.0
 Greater than 3 km409.8