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Table 3 Risk perceptions of Respondents in Abakaliki LGA, Ebonyi State, South Eastern Nigeria 2019

From: Knowledge and risk perception towards Lassa fever infection among residents of affected communities in Ebonyi State, Nigeria: implications for risk communication

Risk Perception of Lassa Fever (n = 326)Percentage (%)
Perception of Severity of Lassa Fever
 How Serious do you think Lassa Fever is?
  Very Serious73.31
  Neither Serious nor not Serious0. 92
  Slightly not Serious3.37
  Not serious at all2.76
 How would you feel if you were to contact LF next year?
  Very Serious90.80
  Neither Serious nor not Serious1.23
  Slightly not Serious0.31
  Not serious at all0.61
Perception of Susceptibility to Lassa Fever
 Do you think that you can contact Lassa Fever in the future if you do not take any preventive measures?
  Certainly Yes60.74
  Probably Yes22.70
  Perhaps not, Perhaps yes6.13
  Probably not4.91
  Certainly not5.52
 What do you think are your chances of getting Lassa Fever in the future if you do not practice any preventive measure?
  Very Large Chance41.10
  Large Chance29.75
  Not small, not Large10.74
  Small Chance12.27
  Very small chance6.13
Perception of Barrier towards preventive measures
 Are you concerned about contacting Lassa Fever?
  Very Concerned37.73
  Slightly Concerned7.98
  Not Concerned16.87
  Not concerned at all7.06
Perception of Benefit of preventive measures
 Is it necessary to carry out preventive measures against Lassa fever?
  Certainly Yes74.23
  Probably Yes19.63
  Perhaps not, Perhaps yes4.29
  Probably Not1.53
  Certainly Not0.31