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Table 2 Knowledge of Lassa fever symptoms and risk factors among respondents in Abakaliki Local Government Area, Ebonyi State, South eastern Nigeria 2019

From: Knowledge and risk perception towards Lassa fever infection among residents of affected communities in Ebonyi State, Nigeria: implications for risk communication

Knowledge Variables (n = 326)Yes (%)
Symptoms of Lassa Fever
 Body weakness65.0
 Chest pain49.4
 Sore throat44.8
 Facial swelling41.7
 Abortion/miscarriage in pregnant women25.5
Risk factors
 Eating food contaminated by rats88.7
 Contact with rats, their feaces, blood or urine83.1
 Contact with someone sick with Lassa fever76.7
 Contact with dead body of Lassa fever victim76.4
 Rat bite76.1
 Dirty environment73.9
 Eating uncovered/unprotected food73.6
 Improper refuse disposal69.3
 Eating poorly cooked food41.1