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Table 1 Sample characteristics for individuals of the parallel survey components

From: Psychometric properties of a nationwide survey for adults with and without diabetes: the “disease knowledge and information needs – diabetes mellitus (2017)” survey

 People with diabetes (na = 1396)People without diabetes (na = 2327)
Age in years, mean (SD)65.3 (13.8)49.6 (18.6)
Sex (% female)49.951.7
Relationship status
 Married, living together with partner50.246.2
 Married, living apart2.43.0
 Widowed/partner died23.78.9
Educational levelb
Migration background
 No migration background88.480.3
 Onesided (one parent was born in another country than Germany)4.84.8
 Twosided (Both parents or individual itself plus one parent were born in another country than Germany)6.614.7
Living area
 < 20.000 citizen43.641.5
 ≥ 20.000 citizen43.047.2
Diabetes type (self-reported)
 Type 114.0 
 Type 279.2 
Diabetes duration (years), mean (SD)14.7 (11.0) 
Current treatmentc
 Glucose-lowering tablets61.5 
 Other glucose-lowering medicine being injected4.9 
 Diet/healthy nutrition58.0 
 Physical activity/sports52.9 
 No treatment0.6 
Diabetes related complications
 No complication58.4 
 One or more of the requested complicationsd34.7 
 Other complications than requested2.4 
 No comorbidities57.7 
 One or more comorbidities41.1 
BMI in kg/m2, mean (SD)30.2 (6.0)25.6 (4.6)
  1. Note. Data are given as weighted and are reported in percent if not stated otherwise. Missing values based on unweighted data were ≤ 10% for living area in individuals with and without diabetes. Missing values were ≤ 5% for all other variables
  2. aSample sizes are reported unweighted
  3. bComparative Analysis of Social Mobility in Industrial Nations (CASMIN) classification was used to report educational level
  4. cMultiple answers were possible
  5. dComplications asked in this survey were kidney disease, eye disease, nervous disease, diabetic foot lesions and amputations
  6. eComorbidities asked in this survey were heart attack, stroke, coronary heart disease, depression diagnosed by a physician/psychotherapist