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Table 3 Effects of information, health beliefs, and medical system support on osteoporosis mediated through self-efficacy examined by a bias-corrected bootstrap method

From: Applying the information–motivation–behavioral model to explore the influencing factors of self-management behavior among osteoporosis patients

Independent variable (IV)Mediator(M)Dependent variable (DV)Effect of IV on M(a)Effect of M on DV(b)Total effect (c)Direct effect of IV on DV (c′)Indirect effect
(a × b)95%CI
InformationSelf-EfficacyOP self-management behaviors0.7100.0840.3010.2410.0600.030–0.097
Health Belief  0.601 0.040−0.0100.0510.034–0.070
Medical System Support  1.681 0.4080.2660.1420.098–0.190
  1. Mediation effects were tested using a bias-corrected bootstrap method in the AMOS 23.0 software. The results were non-standardized estimates