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Table 2 EVD-related stigma scores experienced by EVD survivors according to the adapted HASI-P stigma instrument

From: An assessment of Ebola-related stigma and its association with informal healthcare utilisation among Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone: a cross-sectional study

Stigma scalesMean (SD)Mean score = zero (None of the items in each of scale was endorsed)
n (%)
Mean score ≥ 0(at least one of the items in each scale was endorsed)
n (%)
Internalized stigma (negative self-perception subscale)0.92(0.77)60(16.8)298(83.2)
Total enacted stigma (remaining four subscales)0.71(0.61)25(7.0)333(93)
Verbal abuse0.72(0.76)82(22.9)276(77.1)
Healthcare neglect0.46(0.53)105(29.3)253(70.7)
Social isolation0.96(0.88)92(25.7)266(74.3)
Fear of contagion0.72(0.84)133(37.2)225(62.8)