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Table 6 Estimates of SEP effects on ex-smoking by vaping status among ever-smoking adults (aged 16+)

From: Socioeconomic patterning of vaping by smoking status among UK adults and youth

  Unadjusted Association between SEP and ex-smoking status CDE estimates of SEP on ex-smoking status
OR 95% CI P-value for difference from association among non-vapers OR 95% CI P-value for difference from effect among non-vapers
Non-Vaper 0.87 0.85–0.88 0.82 0.80–0.84
Vaper 0.86 0.82–0.90 0.752 0.88 0.82–0.95 0.081
Alla 0.87 0.86–0.89 0.83 0.81–0.85
  1. aThe unadjusted association for all ever-smoking respondents is not adjusted for vaping status, whereas the CDE estimate is adjusted for vaping status (and other primary and intermediate confounders)