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Table 2 Distribution of Acute Diarrheal Disease outbreak by colony in Pedda-Gujjula-Thanda tribal village, 2017

From: A community-wide acute diarrheal disease outbreak associated with drinking contaminated water from shallow bore-wells in a tribal village, India, 2017

ColonyDistribution of casesAttack rates
B (Katroth-3)a79 (41.4%)65%
C (Badhawath-1)a57 (29.8%)47%
A (Katroth-2)26 (13.6%)35%
D (Badhawath-2)9 (4.7%)23%
F (Baromath)9 (4.7%)17%
E (Nenawath)6 (3.1%)13%
G (Katroth-1)5 (2.6%)9%
Total191 (100%)37%
  1. aB and C colonies are downhill colonies located on slope of hilly terrain