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Table 3 Descriptive summary of children aged 5–18 years

From: Decomposing multidimensional child poverty and its drivers in the Mouhoun region of Burkina Faso, West Africa

VariableFrequency (N)Percentage (%)
Age group of children
 Pre adolescents (5–9)27838.5
 Adolescents (10–18)44 461.5
Number of children/woman
 One to five38853.7
 Above five33446.3
Age group of household head
 Youthful age (22–35) years9813.6
 Middle age (36 59) years48066.5
 Old age (60 and above) years14419.9
Education status of household head
 No formal education38553.4
 Formal education11816.4
 Informal education21830.2
Longstanding illness of household head
Marital status of household head
Household size
 Less than eight persons32144.5
 Eight and above persons40155.5
Mother’s education
 No formal education58681.2
 Formal education8411.6
 Informal education527.2
Longstanding Illness of Mother
Household Income
Household debt status
 No debt27037.4
 In Debt45262.6
Religious denomination
School enrolment of child
 Not enrolled29941.4
Reasons for not attending school/dropping out
 Financial Problems233.2
  Health reasons71.0
  Distance to school40.6
  Given to marriage/pregnant669.1
  Parent’s wish425.8
  Personal wish12617.5
  Not applicable29941.4