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Table 1 Dimensions specific deprivation cutoffs and weights for children aged 5–18 years

From: Decomposing multidimensional child poverty and its drivers in the Mouhoun region of Burkina Faso, West Africa

Dimension Deprivation Cut-off Indicators Weight
Household Related
 Housing Children living in a house with 4 or more persons per room (overcrowding), inadequate floor (ground/plank), and wall materials (mud/clay/thatched, or living in a household with no access to any form of electricity. 4 1/7%
 Water and Sanitation Children are considered deprived under these dimensions; if they use unprotected well/rain water or river/stream/ lake /pond as main water source and have no toilet facilities or share toilet, use unimproved pit latrines or practice open defecation. 2 1/7%
 Household Income Children leaving in households that fall in the last two quintiles of household per capita income distribution 1 1/7%
 Information Children are considered deprived under this dimension if they lack access to communication and media broadcast. 2 1/7%
Child Related
 Nutrition Children are deprived under this dimension if their BMI-for-Age or Weight-for-Age was −2 standard deviation below the reference mean 2 1/7%
 Health Children are considered deprived in health if they did not get healthcare when needed or from a household with an incidence of child mortality. 2 1/7%
 Education Child is not enrolled in a school, or was enrolled lately in school (age 7 years and above), doesn’t go to school daily, or a drops out from school. 4 1/7%