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Table 2 You-CAN intervention and data collection timeline

From: The youth concussion awareness network (You-CAN) - a school-based peer-led intervention to improve concussion reporting and social support: the protocol for a cluster randomized trial

Informed consent: principals, school staff, council membersX        
Intervention time points
 Concussion awareness campaign     XX  
Rowan Stringer Concussion Awareness Campaign Showcase       X 
 Monthly video call with research teama XXXXXXXX
Outcome Measures
 School environment survey X       
 Concussion Reporting and Social Support Measure (CRSS-M) (T0) X       
 Web portal analytics XXXXXXXX
 Field notes from monthly video callsa XXXXXXXX
 Campaign details survey    X    
 Content created    XXXX 
 Additional activities tracking sheet       X 
 Post-showcase evaluation survey       X 
 Exit interviews        X
 Concussion Reporting and Social Support Measure (CRSS-M) (T1)        X
  1. aOnly applies to the You-CAN led by school staff and research team arm