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Table 2 Distributions of socioeconomic, workplace and health-related factors associated with survey response among under 40-year-old employees of the City of Helsinki, Finland in 2017 using online, mailed and telephone survey data collection methods

From: Factors associated with health survey response among young employees: a register-based study using online, mailed and telephone interview data collection methods

 Online surveyPostal surveyOnline + postalTelephone interviewNon-respondents
 18–24 years221610663276791056810
 25–29 years890264862913762718323147727
 30–34 years1137336053617423426133183233
 35–39 years1159345073016663326434168430
Occupational class
 Managers and professionals945284702814152819124117221
 Routine non-manuals1116335683316843329838232542
 Manual workers1936145933871011372313
 Highest quartile1035304562714912919925117621
 Lowest quartile648193782210262021728162129
Employment sector
 Social and health care1606476854022914525532236042
Contract type
Job type
 Full time30669015309045969068387487988
Work arrangement
 Day time24217112537436747257173375167
 Shift work978294392614172821227178532
Years employed by the City of Helsinki*
 less than 1 year4061223914645131111478614
 1–5 years1608477624523704636747248345
 more than 5 years1384416954120794129938224940
Sickness absence (6 months before the data collection)
 No sick leave spells1389418074721964338148248245
 From 1 to 3 days924274212513452617622122122
 From 4 to 14 days849253642112132415119131824
 15 days or more245711273577791054010
Sickness absence (during the data collection = 18 Sep–31 Oct 2017)
 No sick leave spells22656612227234876855971384769
 From 1 to 3 days750223111810612112916102618
 From 4 to 14 days3551013384881077105169
 15 days or more3713827512231723
Total numbers3407100170410051111007871005561100
  1. *computed from the date when the job contract began and the date when data were made