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Table 1 Overview of Study Variables

From: Study protocol: randomized controlled trial of manualized components in home visitation to reduce mothers’ risk for child maltreatment

Outcome Measure T1 T2 T3 T4 Reference
Primary outcomes
 Parental self-efficacy Parenting Stress Index x x x x [68]
 Levels of perceived stress Perceived Stress Scale x x x x [69]
 Parental anger Parental Anger Scale x x x x [70]
 Post-traumatic stress symptoms Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Checklist – Civilian x x x x [65]
Secondary outcomes
 Risk for child maltreatment Instrument for early identification of Parents At Risk for child Abuse and Neglect x    x [54]
 Parenting (Rejection, Hostility, Attention, Affection) Comprehensive Parenting Behavior Questionnaire x    x [71]
Potential moderators
 Child temperament (Soothability, Negative emotionality) Revised Infant Behavior Questionnaire x     [72]
Very Short Form of the Revised Infant Behavior Questionnaire [73]
Life events Parenting Stress Index xa    xb [68]
  1. Note. a = life events experienced in the past 12 months, b = life events experienced during the study