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Table 4 Caregivera (participant) reported practices related to malaria

From: Knowledge, attitudes and practices assessment of malaria interventions in rural Zambia

Practices related to malariaNumberPercent
Did you sleep under a mosquito net last night?
What personal protection measures do you currently practice to prevent malaria?
 Sleeping under mosquito nets5978.7
 Clearing vegetation around the house3850.7
 Draining still water2634.7
 Wearing long-sleeves shirts and trouser/skirts1317.3
 Spraying insecticides79.3
 Burning mosquito coil34.0
 Burning cow dung/leaves22.7
 Do nothing810.7
Which protection measure do you prefer the most?
 Burning mosquito coil11.3
 Sleeping under mosquito nets6181.3
 Clearing vegetation around the house34.0
 Spraying insecticides45.3
 Don’t know/missing45.3
Why do you prefer practicing this protection technique?
 Better at stopping mosquitoes5776
 Smells nice45.3
 Like the way it looks34.0
 Easy to use1114.7
 Don’t know/missing22.7
If you wash your mosquito nets, do you use detergents when washing them?
How do you dry the mosquito nets after washing?
 In the sunlight4256
 In the shade2432
 Don’t know/missing79.3
 Not applicable22.7
How often do you tuck-in your mosquito net when you go to bed?
 Always (every night)5573.3
 Sometimes (not every night)1114.7
 Don’t know/missing/NA79.4
What time do you normally go to bed?
 Between dusk and 8 pm2432
 Between 8 pm and 10 pm4256
 Between 10 pm and midnight56.7
 After midnight00
 Don’t know/missing45.3
Where do you normally cook?
 Inside the house810.7
 Outside the house (no shelter)2128
 In a shelter closed on all four sides4053.3
 In a cooking shelter not closed on all four sides56.7
Do you sleep outside the house?
 Yes (always)11.3
 No, never3445.3
  1. awoman > 18 years in charge of rearing, family care and household maintenance