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Table 1 Child and family characteristics

From: Birth order is associated with caries development in young children: a register-based cohort study

Birth order
 Fifth- or later-born9341.4
Maternal country of birth
Paternal country of birth
Maternal education
  ≤ 9 years55938.6
 10–12 years25,60339.2
  ≥ 13 years34,06352.2
Family situation
Family income
 First quintile (highest income)13,42720.7
 Second quintile13,30320.5
 Third quintile13,20420.3
 Fourth quintile12,81019.7
 Fifth quintile (lowest income)12,16818.7
Social welfare allowance
Maternal smoking in early pregnancy
Maternal BMI in early pregnancy
  < 25.0045,49069.7
  ≥ 30.0037895.8
Maternal age at delivery
 25–34 years43,13866.1
  < 25 years656110.1
  ≥ 35 years15,56023.8